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Fun event on sunday

Well it is getting close to sunday and i hope that the weather is dry but bring your brolly just in case. We have ordered food for the event so do your best to attend if possible as it will be a good time for the new members to meet other members as the club is moving...

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Latest new members

I am pleased to welcome Bob Carter And stuart carter(not related) to sandwell model flying club and i am sure that they will be made welcome by all members as always.

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New member

I am pleased to welcome Mathew Perks To sandwell model flying club and i am sure he will enjoy his experience with us, if not i blame Martyn Perks (dad) John Bates

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New members

I am pleased to welcome 3 new members Abdul, Keith, Spencer to sandwell model flying club and as always i am 100% sure that they will receive all the help they require from our members. John Bates

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Bar B Que

The club bar b que will be held on sunday 20 august at 5.0pm at the field depending on the weather. If anyone would like to put on flying show let me know.This will be open to members and their families so in order to get enough food could all members tell me if they...

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Welcome to Joe

I am pleased to welcome Joe to sandwell model flying club, Joe had some flying experience at greenacres but that was 10 years ago he is now interested in flying a quadcopter and he will possibly move over to fixed wing electric planes in the future. So as usual please...

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My stupid accident

last week I went to the field and opened the main gate and the second gate (green) was half open with the locking bar raised (not properly) I pushed the gate and the bar dropped and I headbutted the gate so now I have a large black eye, I did have 2 lumps one each...

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26 ft pole

there is now a 26ft pole in the barn just in case anyone lands in a tree in the past a few members like me have had a mishap and it is difficult to find long branches in the valley. Not everyone has a key so if you need the pole contact myself or Cliff, Terry, Tony...

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Latest new member

I am pleased  to welcome Paul Blakemore to sandwell model flying club so now he will be able to fly his DJI quadcopter with no concerns about safety. So as usual I am sure all our members will help and advise Paul with his new hobby.                                  ...

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SMFC Merry Christmas

A time to be merry and for some the weather has provided great flying conditions. Weather looks tempting for this Christmas week. Remember that joining SMFC WhatsApp group keeps you well informed on a daily basis. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. John Lynch


SMFC now have a group on WhatsApp to enable members to contact each other when they intend going to the field due to health & safety.

New venue

We are now changing our venue for the meetings due to parking problems. The new venue will be the yew tree pub and restaurant in Brandon way west bromwich which is very near to the past venue in order to ensure that we continue with the private room we shall be using...

Thank you

I would like to thank all the members who helped to flatten the path and also cutback the overgrown hedge today.everyone worked very hard and the money was well spent hiring the small digger.

Congratulations on their A licence

I would like to congratulate John Nary and Joe Kam having achieved their A licence Today and many thanks to Bob Carter for his support during the tests. John Bates

New meeting venue

I have taken on board the parking problems at the present venue,so today i have found a new venue very close to the present one. We will move to the new venue on the first tuesday in January 2018 so please attend the meetings if possible as there will be lots to...

Appointment of trainers

Due to committments Graham is finding it difficult to provide training therefore i have registered Mike Dicken and Martyn Perks as new trainers with SMFC they both operate mode 1 but Cliff will continue training mode 2. John Bates

P51 mustang for sale

I have got a new p51 mustang it has never had fuel in it (petrol) i have now got to keep the partner happy and stop her moaning as we do not have enough room to store the plane so if anyone is interested phone me.

Fun fly

I am pleased to report that the fun fly event was a success and with a 50% turnout it was a good afternoon although there was a few plane crashes as expected the weather stayed dry until 4.15pm. I would like to thank everyone for the enjoyment provided during the...

Fun flying event

The event tomorrow has been altered due to the prediction of bad weather in the evening so the committee has decided to cancel the provision of food and bring the flying event foreward to 2.0pm i hope that all members will accept the decision we have had to make. John...

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