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15th August 2015 
15th October 2015 

1st November 2016

MINUTES OF MEETING ON 6th December 2016

MEMERS PRESENT : J.Bates , G.Humphrey , C.Callagher , T.Richards ,  B.Bithell , T.Millard , A.Hixon , L.Gardener , F.Currell

The purpose of the meeting this month was for every member to attend if possible to pay their annual subscription to the BMFA . John had been in touch with all Members to inform them of this .

Only the above nine people attended the meeting to pay their subscription Temporary BFMA Membership cards were handed out by Tony , permanent cards will be issued by the BFMA when the applications are progressed .

John stated that Members who had not attended will have to arrange their own renewal . A check will be carried out after New Year that all people flying at the Club Field will have to show their BFMA membership for insurance purposes , with the exception of people who have renewed through the Club .

The Club Treasurer position was again discussed and John asked for a volunteer  , there was no one forthcoming .

Tony will complete all the paperwork required to send back to the BMFA with the cheque for subscriptions – This has now been done , posted 9th December .

Tony has volunteered since the meeting to carry out the Treasurers role until the next AGM where all Club Officials will be  decided for  2017 / 2018 .


Club Secretary

MINUTES OF MEETING ON 3rd January 2017

MEMERS PRESENT : J.Bates , G.Humphrey ,  T.Richards ,  B.Bithell ,  A.Hixon ,  F.Currell , S.Cooper , M.Clive

Tony handed out BMFA Membership cards for 2017 for those who were present and had renewed through the Club.

Alder Field has resigned as Safety Officer due to his Wife’s illness , all Members of the Club hope that he will be able to come down the flying field later on in the year . John thanks Alder for all his help and advice offered to other  Members on flying days .

John proposed changing the Club rule regarding none A certificate members having to fly with an instructor present . If the individual has some competency then they should be able to fly at the field as long as they are accompanied by a responsible adult .   This is aimed at speeding up the process of  qualifying for the A certificate , as there are limited training periods available with instructors

A discussion took place regarding the change and it  was decided that some form of disclaimer will be needed for persons wishing to take this route to sign , so that they are responsible for their craft and safety aspects. The proposal was seconded by Terry and agreed by Matt . John and Tony to draw up the disclaimer .

John has stated that anyone wishing to join the Club now before the annual subscription renewal will only have to pay half price , two new members have joined this week .

John will speak to John Lynch regarding regular update of website .


Club Secretary and Treasurer

MINUTES OF MEETING ON 7th February 2017

MEMERS PRESENT : J.Bates , G.Humphrey ,  T.Richards ,  B.Bithell ,  A.Hixon ,  F.Currell , S.Cooper , M.Davis , A.Hancocks , M.Price , J.Lynch

The meeting commenced with news from John Bates that 9 new members have joined since the press releases , 3 of whom attended this meeting . A warm  welcome was extended to them by John .

1 )Tony passed around a draft disclaimer regarding non certificate members flying without an instructor present , the document was read by all and no objections were raised or no changes to the document proposed .

Discussion then took place regarding communicating this and other matters to the Members . Unfortunately we do not have all e mail addresses available so John Bates will contact all members to obtain e mail addresses where possible

Tony will then send a copy of the disclaimer to all Club Members .( See footnote to this document )

2) John Bates appealed for volunteers for a grass cutting rota for this year , Cliff will again lead the team . Sandwell Park Rangers have complained about dumping grass cuttings at the edge of the flying strip and it has been agreed by them that we will dump them , spread out in the hedge row .

3 ) Examination has revealed a water tank and tap at the top end of the field by the car park . The ballcock valve is constantly overflowing which is adding to the soft terrain . Barry has volunteered to have a look to see if it can be blanked off .

4 ) A source of hardcore material to reinforce the track is available through a new member , John Bates will liaise with him regarding how we can get it taken down to the site for spreading out .

5 ) Graham suggested that he and Cliff could hold some evening classes in plane building and set up for beginners . This lead to a discussion regarding holding twice monthly meeting for interested members where models could be brought in to discuss and demonstrate this .Tony will send out a news letter with details of this and other items to judge interest before anything is arranged.

6 ) A discussion then took place regarding having a hyperlink to on the Club website  so that Members could be kept up to date with any news by e mail . John Lynch will obtain a quote for this and e mail Tony , to be discussed at next meeting .

7 ) Graham suggested that maybe we could arrange Club outings to some of the large model airshows this season , we need to ascertain interest and cost closer to the events .


Note : Since the meeting took place there has been a discussion regarding the draft disclaimer which has now been amended and titled Change To Club Flying Rules and e mailed to John Bates for review .


Club Secretary and Treasurer



MEMERS PRESENT : J.Bates , G.Humphrey ,  T.Richards ,  B.Bithell ,  A.Hixon ,  F.Currell , S.Cooper , M.Davis , A.Hancocks , M.Perks , M.Dickin , C.Gallagher, A.Weaver , G.Ridley .

APPOLOGIES : J.Lynch , A.Hancock , L.Gardener

John Bates welcomed the new Members to the Club .

The first item of discussion was the Club website , John stated that new messages and photos were needed to update it . Graham then stated that he had problems finding his way around it . John then said that he thought that the website needed simplifying . He will speak to John Lynch regarding a meeting next Monday 13th to discuss where we go with the website and also regarding the setting up of the website for automatic e mail alerts when new items are placed on there .We need to communicate more to the Membership Tony will e mail all members regarding the Monday meeting and also the proposal to introduce training classes . Tony has volunteered to take photographs of Club Members with their craft to include on the website .

John will contact John Nary regarding hardcore for the approach track to the field .

Barry has adjusted the stopcock in the tank at the top of the field and it no longer overflows .





John stated that membership in now full at 40 although he envisages some people dropping out at renewal time . New membership cards will need to be printed for the new season , Tony to contact John Lynch .

Tony asked about Club badges and apparently John Lynch has a contact who can supply these as well as other items , John Lynch to supply details .

Finally at the end of the meeting some of the new Members exhibited some of their aircraft and helicopters .


Club Secretary and Treasurer

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